Halloween! A time of year that sits sweetly between fall and winter (unless you live in Mississippi in 2016) that is synonymous with celebration, laughter, superstition, candy, and aching tummies.  Halloween has often been thought to have originated as a Celtic tradition used to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. People would build bonfires and dress in costume to confuse spirits.  In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 to be All Saints’ Day. This is a time to honor all martyrs and saints. The evening prior, October 31, is All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween.

Fun Fact:Did you know that one quarter of all candy sold annually in the United States is sold for Halloween!


Traditions, descriptions, and celebrations have changed, but one thing remains a constant.  Wherever Halloween is celebrated, whether it be called Fall Festival, Halloween, or something new, a gathering of friends, family, and acquaintances to celebrate life, happiness, and pure joy is always a good thing.  Join us tonight, October 31, 2016 at Amory’s Frisco Park for the Amory Main Street Chilifest and Trunk-or-Treat  to celebrate, laugh, and delight in the joy of youth as children enjoy the company of one another and the mystery of Halloween.


For more on the history of Halloween, visit The History Channel’s Website! 

Fun Fact Two: Did you know the first Jack O’Lanterns were made of turnips?


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