The Dog Days of Summer


When someone says, “It’s the dog days of summer..” images such as the one attached are conjured in my head.  The saying actually is derived from the rising and setting of Sirius, known as the “Dog Star”, in conjunction with the Sun during  an approximately 20 day period during the months of July and August.  Personally, I’d really rather just picture a dog at the beach listening to the sea-gulls and working on its tan.  Though we are not yet in the “dog days”, summer is officially here.  Summer is that magical time of among other things:  baseball, swimming pools, vacations, fishing excursions, camp-outs,  ice cream, lemonade and backyard cook-outs.  It is a time of family and happiness.  We here in Amory are blessed to be a part of a community that is inundated with opportunity to enjoy just such things.  With parks, playgrounds, lakes, ball-fields, pavilions, the Tenn-Tom, golf courses, an interactive splash-pad fountain and a never-ending supply of great people to spend quality time with,  let us all enjoy this summer day, the next, the one after that and the dog days to come.   Anyone else feel like a game of fetch?  Have a GREAT summer!!!