The Dreams of Our Youth

Do you remember your dreams as a youth? Did you want to be a cowboy, astronaut, dancer, football star, baseball star, softball star, or basketball star? Maybe you wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader (or Wonder Woman). Just maybe you dreamed of rescue and humility by becoming a firefighter. Possibly you shared the dreams of many youth by wanting to protect and serve by becoming a police officer?

Did you accomplish your goal and see your dream become a reality? Even if it were a branch of the original, maybe you saw a career you never dreamed of come to realization.

Some children have such vivid of dream such sweetness of soul that the dream becomes a shared dream a community can rally behind and assist in. That dream that can, once in a blue moon, become an inspired happiness made tangible.

…So goes the dream of one Mr. Tyler Sparks. Tyler, who has never met a stranger, has dreamed of becoming a police officer. He dreams of putting “bad guys” behind bars and helping those in need. Always offering backup and wanting to assist, Tyler has never been shy of expressing his desire and dream to become a police officer. His enthusiasm and love for this dream became infectious and spread to those around him.  Mayor Blalock saw to it, with the help of the Amory Police Department, to help Tyler begin the road to achieving his dream. On Friday, June 3, 2016, Mayor Brad Blalock, Police Chief Ronnie Bowen, Fire Chief Zack McGonagill, some of Amory’s finest Police Officers, and friends and family gathered in Amory’s Frisco Park as Tyler was appointed The Official Frisco Park Splash Pad Patrol Officer &  Honorary Special Officer of the Amory Police Department. Thank you to Tyler’s family for bringing him and for allowing the City of Amory employees to be a small part of his life.

This is just one of the joys of being from a small town. Joy shared vicariously through others and bringing light into the eyes of children….Welcome home to Amory! #AmoryProud


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