Photography is an art

The City of Amory is full of talented people behind the camera lens.  We owe a very special thank you to:

Thank you for letting us use your artwork on our social media and websites to advertise Amory and our outstanding and very talented citizens.

Photography is an art. What do I mean by this? Photography is not simply point and shoot with an iPhone or Android cell. Photography is not snapping pictures and applying every filter that you can find to something to make it look “cooler”. Photography enhances and embraces light, dark, abstract, flaws, beauty, truth, and sometimes even the sadder and uglier parts of life.  The actual word photography is derived from multiple Greek words that form to create the term “drawing with light”.

Photography and the tools used to capture light and persona have changed drastically over time.  The oldest of tools using crude and rudimentary ways to translate an image in life to an image on print were scary and confusing for people.

Studijskifotoaparat.JPG Often using chemicals and compounds to create a “flash” of light to capture an image could result in trouble for the subject and the photographer! People believed that by the capture of their image that their soul was indeed captured. People didn’t smile often in older photos due to many reasons. One reason was the time it took to photograph. You can snap a photo in a split second now, but when photography was originally started, it could take a very long time to capture a photo.

Equipment used in the craft of photography has advanced to the point of pocket sized cameras. These cameras do not, as a photographer will tell you, translate into the higher quality of photo that you get from a professional photographer’s camera, yet they are still readily available and easy to use for the instant shot that sometimes comes about naturally.

The list above is in no way a complete list of all of those talented individuals in Amory and Monroe County who capture and draw with light. It is simply a list of those who have given us permission to use their art on our social media and websites.  To those who offer up their talents to promote Amory, we say thank you.  We truly understand the time and effort you put into your talent and applaud you for your worth.

If you have photos of places and people around Amory and would like to see your work displayed on our websites, please let us know by contacting us through the contact tab at the top.

Thank you!